Commercial & Residential Real Estate

NJ Attorney for Commercial and Residential Real Estate

As a home buyer you need to be represented during the negotiation stage to address anything that might arise from the property inspection to needed repairs, to closing dates, and environmental issues. Once attorney review is "closed" and your contract is firm, I will work with your lender, order title insurance and a survey, to ensure that you have a good insurable title - and your investment is safe and secure.


When selling a home, the attorney review period can present significant challenges. During this time, the buyer's attorney has the opportunity to add terms and conditions favorable to the buyer. I will advise you on which changes are acceptable and which should be rejected or modified, striking a balance you can live with without jeopardizing the deal. After the attorney review period is "closed" I will ensure that structural, environmental, and other inspection issues are resolved reasonably and fairly during this process. At closing your mortgage, taxes, and liens will be paid and extinguished.

Commercial real estate transactions can be very complex. If you are buying, selling, or looking to lease commercial property, you will want to speak with an attorney who understands the intricacies involved in commercial real estate law.


Whether you are buying or selling a home, or commercial property, it is important to have legal representation to be sure that your interests are protected. I will see to it that you are fully informed, in control and legally protected, defending your interests from beginning to end.

  • Facilitation of commercial or personal real estate transactions
  • Review of commercial or personal real estate financing documents
  • Land use and zoning compliance
  • Environmental regulations compliance     
  • Refinancing
  • Obtaining good title
  • Other commercial real estate matters
  • Landlord / tenant

"We were fortunate to hire Daniel Shapiro to do the closing for the sale of our pizzeria café.  From the beginning to the end of the process, we were thoroughly satisfied with his legal expertise and leadership.  He was meticulous and completely answered all of our questions quickly and methodically.  In our situation, the timing of the sale mattered; keeping to the closing date schedule was an important money saver for us.  Dan worked diligently to meet our very tight schedule request and, to his credit, the restaurant was sold on schedule, and the process went very smoothly. We are extremely grateful to him and would not hesitate at all to work with him again should we require legal counsel."

Eyal and Rosann Bar

"Thank you very much for the assistance you gave us during this ordeal of legality of selling our house. Quite frankly our experience this time was not the way when we bought our house in the past. But you really made the experience light and pleasant. Your professionalism and demeanor are exceptional. We are so appreciative and glad we chose you to represent/protect us. You went beyond your calling!!"

Vincente & Araceli Escano

"My home was in foreclosure and the property was security for a debt. I didn't know what to do. Dan outlined two choices and told me exactly what steps to take. He also acted as an intermediary with my ex-husband to get things done. If it wasn't for Dan nothing would have happened and I would have ended up with nothing."

Anya Pollara